Gaw Tlagée Xaad Kil

Xaad Kíl Née (XKN) – the Haida Language Office in Gaw Tlagée Old Massett – was founded in 2018 and is the younger sister to the former Xaad Kihlga hl Suu.u Everyone Speak Haida Society, that cared for and strengthened Xaad Kíl from 2005 to 2017. Located in the heart of Gaw TlagéeXKN aims to promote and accelerate learning, speaking and teaching Xaad Kíl – the Gaw Tlagée dialect of Haida language – by facilitating intergenerational language transmission from the most Elderly fluent generation of Haida speakers to all ages of learners in our community. XKN is committed to the preservation, creation, and distribution of all types of Xaad Kíl resources to assist community Xaad Kíl learners in yahguudáng respect.”

Council of the Haida Nation

Working with respect on the territory of the Haida Nation